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Zoloft Detox

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Zoloft Detox

Zoloft detox isn’t as widely available as treatment for alcohol and drug dependency. As a consequence of this, those suffering from Zoloft addiction often struggle to find the support they need. Thankfully, support is out there. If you or a loved one is battling Zoloft addiction, Chapter 5 Recovery is here to help. As one of the finest drug and alcohol detox treatment centers in the United States, we are equipped to treat Zoloft addiction, regardless of the severity of the patient’s dependency.

But what exactly does our Zoloft detox program involve? What can you or your loved one expect upon checking into our facility? We’re going to be answering these questions in the below article.

Here is your comprehensive overview of our Zoloft detox program.

Supervised Detox

Detox from drugs can be remarkably stressful. Whether the patient is battling an addiction to a Class A drug or an antidepressant, the initial period of detox can be the most difficult part of the recovery process. For this reason, we provide supervised detox to all those who enter our care. This means our residents won’t have to go through the challenge of detox alone. As you or your loved one completes their Zoloft detox, they can be certain of constant support from our medical professionals and addiction specialists.

Residential Care

While it is possible to overcome substance addiction through an outpatient program, those who attempt to do so generally face a much longer path to recovery. Outpatient care is plagued by temptations from the outside world. As such, it has a much higher relapse rate than inpatient care. In order to give our patients the best possible shot at overcoming their substance abuse issues, we provide residential care for up to 30 days. With the option of such a lengthy inpatient program, those who choose Chapter 5 Recovery to overcome their Zoloft addiction set themselves up for great success.

Multiple Therapies Provided

At Chapter 5 Recovery, we pride ourselves on our scientifically-backed approach to recovery. But while our scientifically-supported treatments provide the basis of our recovery programs, we understand that they should not be relied upon exclusively. That’s why we complement these science-backed methods with holistic therapies and additional avenues of treatment, such as activity therapy and equine therapy. With such a wide variety of therapies to choose from, each resident can craft a comprehensive recovery package that is right for them.

Post-Treatment Support

Achieving sobriety while enrolled in one of our residential programs is a wonderful feat, but it is far from the final step on the road to recovery. Maintaining sobriety is a lifelong battle, which is why we promise post-treatment support to all of our clients. When you or your loved one leaves our residential care, they will be enrolled in a 9-week aftercare program. This program will give them the support they need to remain sober in the outside world, while simultaneously reinforcing the positive habits they learned during their time in our clinic.

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