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Sunset Hill NAD Treatment

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Sunset Hill NAD Treatment

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Addiction has a debilitating impact on your physical and mental wellness. It reduces mental agility, creates an unending dependence, and leads to cell degeneration. At New Spring Wellness Center, we can help you defeat your addiction and get back to a healthy, normal life.

With our Sunset Hill NAD Treatment, your body will benefit from cell regeneration and DNA repair and maintenance of neurotransmitter levels for proper brain functioning.

We follow the science to lead you on a path to recovery.

Our Background

We understand your struggle because we have seen it up close. Chad Brewer, our founder, himself struggled with alcoholism that affected his professional and personal relationships. Despite attending AA meetings regularly and practicing multiple self-control techniques, he was unable to quit.

After a long struggle, he began NAD treatment that helped rid him of the alcohol cravings completely. Now, he and Katie Brewer aim to make drug and alcohol abuse treatment more accessible to each and everyone struggling with these cravings.

Our Expertise

At New Spring Wellness Center, we offer a variety of science-based addiction treatment programs in Sunset Hill MO:

  • Vitamin IV Drips

Our Vitamin Drip treatment is the ideal recovery means for various body ailments.

Our Athletic Boost program is the ultimate fix for those who play competitive sports and need to give their muscles some essential rejuvenation. If you’ve undergone gastrointestinal surgery, our Bariatric Boost Vitamin treatment can help restore your Vitamin B levels.

To get perfect glowing skin, opt for our Vita Glow treatment to boost collagen levels and reduce hyperpigmentation and dullness. Or, if you want a one-for-all, our Myers’ Cocktail treatment can revive your health with the ultimate combo of electrolytes, vitamins, and essential fluids.

  • NAD IV for Addiction

If you’re suffering from severe drug abuse and can't seem to stop, our NAV+ IV treatment can help you reclaim your life without an inherent dependency. Our NAV IV protocols are completely nutrient-based and thus cause no side effects. The infusion works quickly to repair your DNA, boost neurotransmitter levels, and restore energy levels so you wake up ready to take on the day.

Our NAD IV for addiction in Sunset Hill MO lasts between 6-10 days for 8 hours a day and can even help you gain mental agility and reduce anxiety and PTSD.

  • Bridge: Opioid Withdrawal

Our Bridge addiction treatment in Sunset Hill Missouri is the best non-invasive treatment available for opioid withdrawal. The device is applied in an outpatient procedure and helps reduce withdrawal symptoms within 30 mins of application. This enables the recipient to resume everyday work and life activities while the drug leaves their system.

  • Auriculotherapy

Auriculotherapy is a non-invasive and no-side-effect treatment for those trying to quit smoking or lose weight. It involves using points on the skin of the external ear

(the auricle) to treat pain and reduce addictive compulsions.

If you are battling an addiction and looking for the ideal detox treatment programs, request a free, no-obligation consultation at New Spring Wellness Center today:, or call us at 573-693-1977.


Sunset Hill NAD Treatment