Pet Friendly Sober Living Austin Tx

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Pet Friendly Sober Living Austin Tx

Did you know that some Austin TX pet-friendly sober living homes have a pet-friendly policy? There is an actual scientific benefit of owning a pet, especially in Austin TX’s best sober home.

Addiction is an isolating illness that walks the fine line between self-harm and wellness. The first day at the sober living in Austin will be uncomfortable for most people. It may get worse, depending on the mental and emotional state. The furry friend is the little piece of home that will not interfere with the healing process.

Benefits of our pet-friendly sober living in Austin TX

Reduced anxiety

Dogs help with recovery will help you deal with anxiety and stress from the post-acute withdrawal phase. They encourage reduced anxiety attacks and other dual diagnosis symptoms. NCBI states that dog owners generally have better self-esteem and overall emotional wellness. Therefore, bringing your pet to our community is the best way for you to get over challenging situations like conflict and rejection.

Empathetic lessons

It is tough to forgive yourself when you begin to look over the situations that led to the addiction. The case is challenging because the healthy human brain has a natural biological inclination to find the negative in situations. A drug addiction steals your ability to relate to people and care for yourself. It makes you self-absorbed in your problems, without any real beneficial consequences.

Pets teach the importance of care and kindness by looking out for their owner more than they do themselves. They help one relearn their most authentic nature, with fresher eyes and a courageous heart. Ultimately, you will form better relations that hold space for other people to grow within the 78704 Sober Living home.


Enough exercise is rare as people get older. We all tend to prefer movie nights by the fireplace as we get older, instead of the thrill-filled nights like a college freshman. A drug addiction adds to the laxity because it deprives the body of the most vital nutrients for a healthy body and mind.

Pet-friendly addiction recovery in Austin adds a great deal of energy for your endorphins to reset back to normal. It is impossible to reject the nudge of a wet nose begging to explore the outdoors on a beautiful morning. The prospect of getting more exercise gets more comfortable when you enjoy the company of a familiar and calm partner.


Accountability is a huge requirement of the sober living facility. You want to surround yourself with opportunities that hold you responsible for the healing process. The pet is the ultimate element to keep you accountable. Dogs respond to their owner’s emotional state; hence you are more likely to watch your stress levels and emotions. You will keep your head up and be cruelly honest about the mood you project into the world.

The pet is a living and breathing reminder of the importance of better life choices. Spending your time and money on low actions will only cause frustrations for yourself and the pet. The pet is a huge learning opportunity and invaluable addition to the healing journey. Call our specialist (512-270-3142) about your concerns in joining the pet-friendly sober homes in Austin TX.


Pet Friendly Sober Living Austin Tx

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