Care Management

At Help Unlimited our Care Management program is designed to complement our caregiver services. We offer oversight and coordination of medical, social, legal and emotional needs when family members are not able or available to assist.

Our Care Management Program can

  • Monitor the level of daily functioning, changes in physical and emotional health, financial means and safety factors.
  • Develop and implement a personalized care plan, coordinating all care professionals involved.
  • Identify the need for and procure adaptive equipment.
  • Keep family members informed on a regular basis of changes in condition or other important details.
  • Provide long term solutions for care, keeping in mind the physical, psychological, social and financial needs of the client.
  • Coordinate financial needs (i.e.: petty cash, banking, bill paying, etc.).
  • Provide patient advocacy with doctors, dentists, and other health care professionals.
  • Provide referrals to attorneys, physicians and other professionals for legal, fiduciary and medical needs.
  • Coordinate household services; such as plumbers, electricians, gardeners, etc. and arrange for home repairs and maintenance.
  • Manage medications and facilitate compliance.
  • Assist with health care advance directives.
  • Provide placement services in the most appropriate facility and continue to provide care management when needed.

Our Commitment to You…

Our commitment to you, our customer, is to provide exceptional service to you and provide you with competent, skilled and caring staff.