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Our History

Help Unlimited was founded in 1975 by Gayle and Jack Bertsch, and remains a family-owned and operated business. We have grown over the years to meet your needs while maintaining our mission and commitment to personalized, affordable and consistent care.

Our commitment is to provide exceptional service to you by an outstanding, competent and caring staff. We will be there doing our best by and for you, like a trusted family member.

“When we first started, Jack and I did all the work as a team. We were willing to do whatever was needed and kept prices affordable. We felt (and to this day, feel) that we wanted to provide people with solutions to make their lives better. In just a short time, we were asked by a hospital to provide a great live-in companion and soon were being called by other hospitals… which over time and attention to excellence, developed into a thriving companion/caregiver business. Since that time, we have expanded our services to include professional skilled nursing services through Help Unlimited HomeCare."

1975 -- Started the first office of Help Unlimited in our home

1983 -- Opened professional location serving personal care needs in Ojai, California

1987 -- Opened our second office in Santa Barbara, California

1992 -- Obtained California license and Medicare Certification for Home Health

1995 -- Moved office Personal Care Services and Home Health offices to Ventura

1996 -- Established Seattle, Washington office

2001 -- CHAP Accredited

2008 -- Started Help Unlimited Staffing Services

With over 400 full-time staff, serving hundreds of clients and patients throughout Southern California and the greater Seattle area, Help Unlimited continues to focus on the importance of attention to each individual’s needs, community outreach, education and quality care.

At Help Unlimited we believe in doing the right thing...not just when it is convenient, but all the time. We believe that doing the right thing is at the core of a great family, a great business, and a great life.

We share the core values of:
  • Customer Service
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Comfort
  • Being the solution
  • Engaging in continual improvement.
  • Smiling and having fun!
"Greetings on my 90th birthday. I want you to know how much I admire what you have done for my husband this past year. Thank you."
- Leona K.

"There is no possible way to put into words our gratitude for your loving care and kindness during a very difficult time. We are blessed to have found you."
- K.W.
Our family caring for yours since 1975
Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, The Conejo Valley,
Los Angeles County and the greater Seattle area